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Camino Assist is the perfect assistant for your Way. A unique and essential tool for your pilgrimage


CAMINO ASSIST, is designed with the spirit of being the pilgrims partner on the adventure of the Camino. A constant but not intrusive help that allows the pilgrim to enjoy and focus on the experience of the Walk without other worries. CAMINO ASSIST is an application containing information of the Ways of Santiago, offering help to pilgrims about their trip, security, geolocation and interactivity. CAMINO ASSIST is designed as an online and offline application. This last feature allows the pilgrim to have and use the necessary information, even when there is no data coverage. In addition, through the GPS mobile phone you can position yourself in the offline maps. In CAMINO ASSIST, the user can store, manage and share all the experiences, anecdotes and places he has experienced in their pilgrimage. It prioritizes safety and guidance by providing simple and smart information. CAMINO ASSIST … and you just walk.

What may you find in Camino Assist?



You will find the different ways leading to Santiago de Compostela



Geolocation and the option of an Accident and travel assistance insurance


General information

Different Ways, variants, Cross Routes and divertions, and many other pilgrim’s services


Prepare your way

Functional advice and recommendations … Build your own way!


We walk with you

Journey Log, notes (written, voice, photo and video)


Enjoy your way

Main cultural and historical places of interest and viewing points


The Camino Primitivo, The Original Way

During the 9th century, while holding court in Oviedo, King Alphonse the chaste set out on a journey to Galicia in the north-west of the peninsula in order to confirm the discovery of the remains of the Apostle St. James. On confirmation that the discovery was indeed St. James, King Alphonse ordered the construction of a basilica to store the saint’s remains and since then the Way of St. James between Oviedo and Santiago de Compostela has become one of first and most important Christian pilgrimages in the world. The Camino starts in the Asturian capital of Oviedo passing through Las Regueras, Grado, Salas, Tineo, Pola de Allande and Grandas de Salimewhere the route then enters the province of Lugo in Galicia finally finishing at Santiago de Compostela.


Our recommendations


Be connected during your way

Personal equipment

Your health and safety

Your transport


Discover the Camino Route by Route



We will walk with you






Plan your trip, check the different itineraries, select the one that accomodates better your time and needs. Get all the information about the different stages, distances, profiles, pilgrim´s hostels and interest points.

Camino Assist provides you with a guide of advise and basic tips to prepare your trip. We give you recommendations about equipment, how to get around Spain, how to transfer your luggage, get connected, get bank assistance, health assistance or contact the different Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago that you may find on your Route. Throughout the written and voice notes you can project in advance what would you like to do, visit or buy in every stage. You can save the information in the app so you can remember it during your pilgrimage.






You will find on line and off line maps with populations, distances and walk profiles. You can geolocate your position through GPS and send it to family or friends. You have the option to fill out a Journey Log, adding photos, written or voice notes. At the home page you can start every day your new stage from the point you stopped the day before. You can access  the SOS button with a direct call to 112 that will connect you with the Spanish Emergency System in case you are lost, injuried or in any kind of danger.

You can check the weather in real time and also the weather predictions. You will have a dictionary in different languajes with the most used phrases translated to spanish. You can read it or listen it from the same application.






All your experience will be gathered up in your written, voice notes and photographs so you can recreate your pilgrimage at home. You will be always updated about the Caminos that you have chosen sharing, if you wish, from the very beginning your experience through the social networks of Camino Assist.